Online Food Ordering Application

Our business is to make your business

food ordering software correlates with an increase in your to-go sales

Online Food Ordering Application

Online food ordering software designed specifically for food to go retailers, restaurants and takeaway.Online sustenance requesting is quickly expanding as clients take pleasure in the comfort of requesting online.Get our online food ordering app and add a new channel for sales.

Using Celexsa’s online food ordering app customers place orders through PC, tablets and smartphones. They can access your menu items, select from them and place order online. Also payment will be done online. Order can be delivered or customers can come and pick their orders by themselves.

Benefits of using online food ordering or restaurant ordering app is reduced labour costs, reduces walk away & long queues. This online ordering system for restaurants is designed for multisite food to go chains and independents like Restaurants, cafes & coffee shops, Fast food, take away, other catering services.

Getting your business online opens up many more sales which will improve your reputation in market. With your online menu, existing clients will have an awesome new advantageous approach to order and new clients will soon discover you through famous web search engines. The system is branded to match in with your existing website.We help entrepreneurs to grow their business in digital world.

Our business is to make your business

Our online food ordering software correlates with an increase in your to-go sales

Dedicated Support

Our support team is available 24x7 hours. Our team monitors your requests for issues and will help resolve them without disrupting your business.

Website ordering

Have a website to your online food ordering software for restaurant. Have a domain name to showcase your menu. Give your clients the ability to order from your website.

Gateway Integration

Payments made easy with a wide cluster of alternatives like COD, Credit card and more. Your clients order from anywhere and from any device.

Generate more revenue

Grow your visibility
Know your customers
Grow your order number
Increase staff productivity
Optimise labour costs
Increased order values
Custom Delivery Zones
Multiple Order Types
Menu Builder
Full Ordering Capability
Build customer loyalty
Improved delivery service
Pickup orders


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