Corporate Human Resource Sharing Application

No more spreadsheets, sticky notes

mails to manage Just one effortless, central hub

Corporate Human Resource Sharing Application

Get a knob on the skills in your company. Here comes an application to quickly and conveniently assess, record and validate the skills and interest levels of your employees.

The competency management software is an application to manage internal employees between projects and locations. It’s an absolute skill finder and a cloud based application developed for corporates which allows HR managers manage their manpower needs within the organisation from their branches any where around the globe.

Grasping and quantify your employee’s skills is a difficult task. Using our competency management system, employees can update their levels of skills, sub skills and domain expertisesin the relevant industry. Managers can analyze the data which will help them forecast the need for an internal resource planning and allocate suitable candidates whenever a vacancy arises in a particular department or any project. Employees can be transferred within bands based on their skills and aptitude. Managers can also evaluate the strengths and development gaps among the employees and help their teams to know the areas for development.

Find out how you can ensure the weal of your company workforce and flourish their potential in a targeted way.

No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and mails to manage

Just one effortless, central hub

Skills Assessment

Employees can update their skills, demographics, experience and the projects handled by them from time to time which will be assessed by their managers.

Competency Management

Managers can have an internal resource planning and allocate the right employees for the right position at the right time.

Knowledge platform

Knowledge portal is integrated with the website for posting and sharing resources and skills among employees through articles and multimedia.


Self updated profiles for employees
Designate employees to projects and departments
Highly intuitive interface.
Manage employees between locations
Managers can post their requisites regarding man power
Identify Skill Gaps
All branches are interconnected
Generate statistical reports
Instantly find skilled employees for an inclined skill set.
Unlimited number of users


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