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Celexsa's support team is always available to you in case of queries

Control Panel Login

We will provide you with an easy to use control panel with Domain & Hosting service in which you can login and perform important functions like booking domains, adding domains and sub-domains to your account, configuring settings regarding web hosting, domain name transfer, FTP, DNS etc. as per your requisites.

It doesn't matter if you're a small computer shop or a corporation or a freelancer, anyone can use our control panel with ease. Its elegant and user-friendly design will make you feel satisfied for sure.

Celexsa's support team is always available to you in case of queries regarding the operating of control panel. Even if you have other control panels, it is a very easy task to migrate from them to c Panel because our support team will guide you in the process.

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Get cPanel with Domain & Hosting

The control panel which powers millions of domains and thousands of servers around the world.

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You can add to the control panel.


Reorganize and rename the controls provided by other modules.


Customize control permissions from other modules.


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